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She's a good girl, loves her mama. Loves Jesus & America too. She's a good girl, crazy bout Ron Pope. Loves pugs & her boyfriend too.
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God just spoke to me right here.

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You cannot pray for an A on a test and study for a B. You cannot pray for a celestial marriage and live a telestial life. You cannot pray for something and act less.

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Some days I yearn for a life with someone, where there is a constant companion, an understanding and a partnership. Other days, I find myself appreciating the single life, the days where I can pick up and go, make decisions, be alone. Then I realize, I will always long for both, for they are good, whole and full of adventure in their own ways. So I will be happy and content in the here and now, for there is no day that I do not long to be unapologetically myself, unattached to earthly things and status, fully surrendered to Christ. We must remember to never limit our potential when His heart is our goal. He is calling us now and always, and relationship status sets no limits for what He can do.







it’s the 8th month

I cracked the code

October is the 10th month though

It was originally the 8th month but then Julius fucking Caesar decided to add in July and August after himself and his nephew Augustus

we should totally just stab caesar

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Sometimes I’m terrified of my heart; of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants. The way it stops and starts.
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